Chief Content is just what you needed.

We are Cristina and April, two amazing girls in love with content marketing challenges. And our greatest challenge is to make the Chief Content blog shine.

Our goal is to make sure every website owner has access to precious information for making their website grow and be in the spotlight.

So, Chief Content is for people who want more. We are your solution to content marketing challenges.

Cristina Coroiu

Chief Editor

  • Female, 26.
  • Editor at
  • Passionate about photography, origami and cartoon designs.
  • Loves cats.
  • Big fan of Bob’s Burgers TV show.

April Todds


  • Female, 28.
  • Editor at
  • Passionate about cooking, travel and wine.
  • Loves cats – as well.
  • Big fan of Game of Thrones.

Our beliefs:

Always set goals.
Know what your audience wants.
Take them on an extraordinary journey.

All you need is Chief Content and your website will stand out on the big stage the Internet is.